Far South Coast Wedding Locations

There are many beautiful areas on the Far South Coast that are perfect for a wedding ceremony, some of them may even fit the reception in as well! Over the next few weeks this page will be expanded to include photos and specifications of suitable locations.

Kianinny Inlet

Kianinny inlet is located at Tathra on the Far South Coast. It is accessed by a very steep winding road and has loads of parking. There is a pretty park and a timber footbridge leading to a bushwalk through the National Park on the other side of the inlet, and up on the hill is the Tathra Amateur Fishermans Club clubhouse, where power MIGHT be available. There are also toilets and a playground. Some lovely locations for wedding pictures, as well as Chamberlain’s Lookout nearby. Be aware: it is a busy recreational fishing and boating location, so the water end can be full of people cleaning fish and swimming. However, this is a fair distance from the park, so unless there is some kind of fishing tournament on, there should be little interference.

Contact the Tathra Amateur Fisherman’s Club for permissions and info.

Tathra headland

The Tathra headland platform overlooks the wharf and the beach, and has been landscaped as a memorial park, so there are lots of very moving plaques lining the two paths that converge at the platform. You might not want to get married here if you are in any way scared of heights, but the view is spectacular! The ceremony runs the risk of being eclipsed by passing whales.

The platform isn’t very large, the raised area will be enough space for a bride (even in a voluminous dress), groom and celebrant, however the step up to the little stage is quite high, so a bride in special heels will need some assistance. The paths provide a ready-made “aisle” for the bride to walk down and, if you time it correctly, bride and groom walking from opposite ends and could meet at the same time.

The pub is very close, so beware of special event (like bands) going on at the same time. As there is no shelter, wet weather provision should be made.

Tathra Beach

A lovely long beach running north to south, with the Surf Life Saving Club at the south end. You could really have a ceremony anywhere on the beach, just check when surf carnivals are on if you are going to the main beach. The waves can be very loud, and wind can be a factor, but if these are OK on the day, a very beautiful ceremony can be had here. Be sure your guests are aware exactly where on the beach your ceremony will be, as it is several kilometers long!

Tathra – Cliff Place

Cliff Place is the name of the street that runs along the cliff (obviously) at the southern end of the beach, and it has always been a favourite of mine for spectacular views. There is a small park with two benches and some shelter from the sun. This would be a lovely location for an intimate ceremony, and the sea is much less noisy than on the beach. The cliffs are not fenced, so if there are small children at the ceremony, they will need to be carefully wrangled. There are houses along Cliff Place, so if you are thinking of having a ceremony here, please respect the residents’  privacy and right to quiet enjoyment of their homes. Parking will have to be out on Wharf Road or Bega St.