Ceremonial elements

A ceremony, whether it be a wedding, naming, funeral or any other type, can have any combination of elements to give your day a personal touch. These can include:

Sand ceremony: Coloured sands are poured into a glass vessel and sealed to be kept forever. Alternatively, the sands can blended to symbolise the merging of families or coming together of souls.

Hand binding: Ribbons of colours symbolising different elements of a marriage such as unity, trust and togetherness are wrapped around the clasped hands and wrists of the bride and groom and tied together. At the end of the ceremony, the ribbons are removed in one piece and placed in a bag for posterity. This is the origin of the expression “tying the knot”. If the marriage breaks down, the knot can be symbolically cut.

Tree/plant ceremony: This can involved planting a major tree to mark the next stage of a couple’s life together, or entwining two or more different plants so they grow as one.

Candle ceremony: Using tapers, a large candle is lit, symbolising unity. Can also be used as a symbol of responsibility when used in a naming or puberty ceremony.

Wine ceremony: Bride and groom drink out of the same glass of wine.

Bell ceremony: Small hand bells are rung at specific times in the wedding ceremony. Little bells can also be given to all the guests to involve them in day, instructions being given as to when they should ring them.