Our lives are marked by different ceremonies. From birth to death, all important occasions have a ceremony, however minor, to accompany them. You can make a ceremony around any life milestone or change and a Celebrant can help you will all the important life steps listed below, among others.

How about these ideas to start you off?


Naming: a secular christening. See the separate Namings page for more information.

Coming of age: usually at 13 or 18, but can be held in any teen year that is special to your culture or beliefs.

Sevens: to some, the sevens in our lives are important. Ceremonies can be held for the 7th, 14th or 21st birthdays, as each signify changes in a young person’s life.

Puberty: can be a small ceremony to signify a first period in a girls life or a simple manhood ceremony.


Graduation party: from high school or tertiary education.

18th or 21st birthday: An obvious time for a party, but maybe some ceremony is needed to signify life changes.

Leaving home: The first time moving out of home is a big deal to parents and the child. It is worth commemorating.

Marriage: please see the Marriage or Commitment Ceremony pages for more information.

Renewal of vows: Still married and still in love? Tell the world again! Perhaps you have a different set of friends from the first time ’round, or would like to involve your children in the ceremony. There are no legal requirements and the ceremony can be whatever you like.

Divorce: a divorce is traumatic and a very difficult time of life. This passage can be eased with a simple ceremony, yet few people consider it. Traditionally, the knot that was tied in the wedding is cut for a divorce (an element of a handfasting ceremony).

Retirement: The next big stage in life deserves recognition.

“Big 0” birthdays: 40, 50, 60, 70…every birthday that ends in a “0” is an occasion to celebrate.

Death: Death is a inescapable fact of life, yet funeral homes and churches are not for everyone.  A celebrant can help you with a less traditional funeral or memorial, and can be held in any location.


Animal funerals and memorials: The death of a pet can be as hard to cope with as the death of a family member. Show your love of your devoted friend by having a memorial service for them.

Namings: Welcome a new pet to the family with a naming ceremony.