Ceremony is my business. I can marry you, name your children, and celebrate important milestones such as anniversaries and birthdays. It is very important that you use a celebrant that you are comfortable with, and that understands you and your needs. You should shop around and contact a few celebrants before making your decision, then if you ultimately decide I am the one for you, let’s talk business!

Your wedding is first and foremost about you, not me. It should be the most memorable day of your life, and I can help make it so.

I do not use “off the shelf” ceremonies – every wedding I do is bespoke and tailored to the couple, incorporating your stories and any personal touches you would like to add. I will suggest, but I will not command. This might mean I spend a bit more time with you, but so be it – I don’t do anything by halves.

Whether you are looking for an elaborate, ritual-filled ceremony or a quick and simple affair, I can make the wedding anything you desire (within reason!). I may not jump out of a plane for you, but I will certainly stand with you at the edge of a waterfall, making sure the bubble mixture is blowing in the right direction, or join you in matrimony on Tathra Beach.

Proudly supportive of marriage equality.

Proudly supportive of marriage equality.